I am thinking of You     
I am thinking of you
How you did this for me
I didn’t deserve this
You lived to die for me

I must give you
The gratitude you deserve
I do not want anything
To come in between us

Love Love oh I love you
And want to come in your
Presence today oh thank you

For thinking of me that day
I worship and sing to you
To say I love you
Yes I do please let
My heart become pure
So that I can come see you face to face on that precious and awesome day

Teach me each and everyday
I must say it again
Thank you for that cross
And your heart for me

Love Love oh how I love you
And want to come in your
presence today oh thank you
For thinking of me each and everyday 


Compassion of the heart
That is what we should have
To reach others in
There time of need

To be set apart from others
To live for the most high
To die to ourselves and
To live for You

Compassion oh compassion
Is what you had
Your life given for me oh
Thank you and let me live after thee

What you did for me is to
Reach me even in the faults
And mistakes you knew I would make
How I mess up time and time again
And place you back on that dreaded cross
How the compassion you showed me that day

Your heart was given
To me and now let me stop
Living in sin each and everyday
To get in your word and
be thankful for what you
Did for me

Compassion oh compassion
Is what you had
Your life given for me oh
Thank you and let me live after thee 

9.20.2007 ish. ???



 Thanks to someone whoever took the pics you know me with a trach (trake) tube and well in ICU for 7 coma 3 days and drug induced 4 of those.  Well this is the song I write, I was felt to write so if some one wants to help with music I say I am a drummer so I will take that part if you would like.  Also here are some other songs that God has laid on my heart.  There are more, but this is a few, may Yahweh bless and peace out and love and prayer goes out to you where ever you might be. 

 The G broke of your great name today  
The G broke off the God today and when it did it became odd and oh how that is the life I have led.  Living in the ways that I have chosen to go.
To live for you and die to me in the direction oh I have gone.  Placing your hands and feet back upon that wood.

Oh I want to live for you but how again I have chosen to go the way that I do.  To just look at one with those eyes is enough to be the bad me.

How your word is so true and must seek and find it each and everyday.  To live for thee oh live for thee.

Lead and guide our kiddos in the ways that you 
have shown us to do.  Oh get them in the word each and everyday.   To seek your face and to wash those feet.

Come and rest in your arms and take that rest that you say I may.   How we must not do what we have seen our parents do  Oh how years have gone by and they could lead us astray
I must point the finger at me and not at you

When I sing I am singing of myself and placing myself as the one to nail you oh nail you back to that cross again

I love you and want to change oh how I do
Just don't want to say it but want to do it
Today oh today I seek your will and way
To come to you and seek to see you on that day
The choices that we have to make are we seeking you or are we finding that dreaded wide way

check out the rings, find you a USA ring or your kiddos one and have them try with all there heart, mind and soul to find that one someday and hold on to them.  Teach them and learn as well, for the time they are here with you and get into Jesus (Yeshua) each and everyday. Were all on a path that is leading somewhere, and it’s the decisions we make along that path that determine where we end up in the future.

But let’s face it no one wakes up and says I think I want to wreck my life today.

But the truth of the matter is relationally speaking we all want the same thing out of life.  We want to be happy and we want to be fulfilled and when it comes to marriage, we want to have the best on the planet, were just wired that way.

So, if we all want the same thing then why are there so many different voices, bombarding us on how to achieve that.  Impurity, sexual immorality and fleshly desires are things this world TEACHES us to live by.  Their message is if it feels good at the time or seems right, it’s okay just go for it.

But daily we are flooded with these messages and images about sex through tv, music, movies, the internet, billboard’s we pass by, clothes we choose to wear and not to wear both male and female, and what we make the choice to do with our cell phones with the world wide web on them and sexting if we choose that one as well and they all promise to lead you on a path that leads to fulfillment, but is that true.  But you see there is another voice however, that isn’t being spoken in what we call church and have to read about Him in a book, now there is some good songs about Him and then many that sing nothing about Him, God didn’t write that bible with His hands but He let people be born into this world that would write and now and today type, you see it promotes this idea of purity, saving yourself sexually before marriage, in fact some people might be quite surprised that making love to the heart was actually God’s idea in the first place, sex is what animals do.  He created it to be a amazing and holy experience, between a husband and a wife, it’s actually His wedding gift to you, that can be enjoyed over and over again, but He knows that to open that gift before two come together before God, each other and their friends and families will only lead you down a path full of regret and disappointment, but on the other hand purity leads to future fulfillment in marriage and knowing that they waited on you they will stay true to you and a intimate relationship with Christ.  God wants you to experience His best.  Please know that the devil knows how to answer spoken prayers, but only our Creator Yahweh knows your thoughts and your heart.

So, stay on the right path, IT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT.

We have something to share for our God and King to let the devil take it's place for it's thousand years to fulfill some more of that holy God's plan for this world that He never made lucifer in the beginning so all this corruption would oh so be made, free will though our holy God gives us all choice's to make until the day we hope, we see Him face to face and rest in those beautiful brown arms someday.  May be today so hope you make it and I as well to go to that place He has gone and prepared for us, who choose to live for Him and die to this world's ways.  Well I question the songs they need some tender loving care, help please, not the Wood you only imagine, but the others. 

      This ring you laid on my heart today        

This ring you laid on my heart today
To show my love and compassion to your sweet love for me
I give you  my heart and life
To lead and guide me in your ways

To die to myself and live for thee
To hold on to you and strive to see you, face to face someday
My mind and ways be focused on you
My strength and my focus to be laid upon you
Let this time be devoted to you and your ways

Please don’t let me have one come in my life again that will
Ever takes me away from you again
Oh Lord how I have strayed and gone the wide way
My way I chose to go and live how I wanted to
Not thinking of you and what I was doing

Yes I was that nailer and the thrower of stones
To curse at you and to see truly see the man
Yes the man that I would have chosen to be
Please let me hope and trust in you

Let me wait, oh let me wait on you
To die to my wants and my ways and oh live for thee
Thank you oh thank you for forgiving me
And casting all that I ask forgiveness for
into that sea of forgetfulness

I know yes I know that you will always love me
Even for what I do and say
But you just ask oh you ask that I come back to your will and way

That day that you bring that bride to me
Yes I will let her know all that I have done to you
To take a empty cross and place your hands and feet back upon it

Oh let me live for thee and die to me
Thank you oh thank you for this ring
To give my heart to you
And that wife you have given to me
To share this time on this earth in
Fellowship with thee 

         Wood you only imagine    
Wood you only imagine what you could have truly be like In a hospital bed or in a wheel chair.  Not that those are bad but that could have been your life to the end

How blessed you have been, Each and everyday now living for the most high, To give your life to Him each and everyday to walk step by step, Day by day in what His word states to be and do

Wood you only imagine, Wood you only imagine, To give you each and everyday, To live in His presence for His glory and Kingdom, What your life could be, Wood You only imagine

How He loves us even for so much of what we have done to Him In our past life.  The words we say and the actions we live, You know what is amazing is your face was on His mind the day He went upon that cross.  Thinking about you yes thinking about you.  He cares about you so much the big and the small.

Burnt up and cast away is what you should have been. What you normally see happen to this old barn wood. Yes for one to take a match and say bye bye to it that day

Wood you only imagine, Wood you only imagine, To give you each and everyday, To live in His presence for His glory and Kingdom, What your life could be, Wood You only imagine

"Wood You Only Imagine" New words by Shane Craig.  Adapted by permission from the song "I Can Only Imagine" written by Bart Millard.  Copyright 2001 this arrangement copyright 2011 Simpleville Music (ASCAP) (admin. by Simpleville Publishing, LLC).  All rights reserved. Used by permission.

                 I asked myself one day           
I asked myself one day
What man would I have been
The day you went to that cross
It was answered to me
Not the way I was hoping
But it is true
I was that nailer
The thrower of those stones
And driving that spear in your side

Oh how every time I sin it drives
You back to that cross that cross
How thankful I am for that cross
But wish it wouldn’t have taken
That to clean my sins

What I choose in my private is
What my public is all about
Yes I can hide from others
But you see all and never rest

oh do you know it all

How my day by day life
I need to be living for you
Living for you and die
My thoughts and well
as well myself each and everyday

How mistaken people are for all
They do and say how about this
Lord I get into your word each
And everyday and learn about my life
As I am a place in your holy book

Thank you oh thank you for dying
For me and giving me that chance
In life to change and live oh live for
You each and everyday

To even know each breath you
Give was given by you oh thank you
Oh thank you I give you me to take
And guide for your glory and honor
I asked and you answered now let
me live for thee