Shane A. Craig - 816 like other sight you guess, no longer in the state of MIsery so if I go deer hunting have to pay out of state Missouri tag fees, to watch the so graceful deer coming and going, updated 4.2.2021.  Well only a cell phone now, don't have to think that mice will eat my cell phone, since they are into the telephone lines made with vegetable oil, power might go down at house and have to go to vehicle and charge it or use one of those remote chargers, computer might be a computer, and non communication will keep on keeping on and forever will be for us all when we are done on this earth.

Oh well story again and again can understand one not wanting someone that would listen to them hour after hour, oh well honesty has got me where I am today.  Hope that is home someday and know what I will say at the lamb's book of life, send me to hell because of what I have done to you loving Lord and God, I don't deserve to live in your glory, honor and beautiful home forever and ever, and guess we will not know of either place I am in anyway.  Doesn't no more tears sound awesome.  Oh love you and I see everybody knows God anyway, just look at the one who got sent down here, he/it/she what ever it chooses to be knew and saw the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Would you oh I, no you owe me nothing you owe Him everything, which is your life.  You pick how you wish to communicate with me, I am into that face to face and eye to eye and my wowmen would enjoy that back and feet being loved on and massaged each and everyday while we are both still here.                       

Once again I am here for you.  If you can imagine it, well you can imagine it, just probably find a barn not tore down as of yet. 

Since we all are family let's type you can find me on Facebook at Shane Allan ​Craig and "will not" add you as a friend can check out some more pictures, clean one's that so is.  Well also can read what God has repeatedly laid on my heart again.  Peace out and happy journey to that eternal home.  You believe all you have to do is show up at that building, well wish to think, think again.  God doesn't need your money He is after that forever holy eternal body that He made and it isn't your will but His, going to seek and find His will and way???  It will still be a eternal holy body in hell as well, He didn't change the devil into a ugly creation for it's time down here and if only 144,000 are making it to the forever presence of our King, well that number is already filled by the abortion babies wonder where all those other babies go that are being aborted now and today.  Oh if it is true what I saw and believe it is well there isn't a number that will make it He made us all to come back to His loving holy arms again and doesn't want to have to look at us sit forever by ourselves.  Isn't a pointed ear, with a tail and a pitch fork as well, or a color, sun, nor a dog, acts like a dog, but is ever so beautiful.

Well just go where you go and then take the time to question some of the teaching, because if it isn't well you are a pastor as well, like I am just not getting the In God we trust for it, instead going for the eternal salvation of our maker and King.  Well decided, I am into God's rules better than man's and you can read my preaching if you wish to call it that on my blogging and Facebook and guess going to look at it to see if I spelled something wrong, because nobody wishes to be a part of my life and be my editing partner, oh well hope I make it home someday and is what it is and love goes out to all while here.  God hasn't changed He is still the same and wishes that we are with our Adam if we are Eve and Eve if we are Adam, He never meant for us to be alone and we honestly don't know if any of the disciples were not actually with someone nor will  we ever know, better enjoy the one that you have choose down here for the time and for to two fall in love with a loving holy God and each other.  Two becoming one that is in the word and it is what God made in the very beginning and God doesn't and will not change on that note and He wishes that we choose one and focus on them and a loving holy God, if they don't wish to pray and get into the word with you 24.7.365.52 you have never become one like the holy word says.  Okay at least start the day and end the day with the word and some prayer with your mate, because if they would rather do something like turn on the boob tube or take you to a movie that isn't uplifting a holy God well they are liking lucifer's world to much and might just take you with them because you are now trying to please them instead of a God who took the time to make you and all of us let's type.

Have as well learned we all can say we know God, just raise our hand on that one day of the week and be in that building for those few hours or even speak about Him to show the world you are all this and that.  Well sadly just because you have the title or sing the song doesn't mean that your eternal home is with the real King of King's and even if you use to sing about Him, it isn't a once saved always saved. It is about choices and which way that heart is choosing to go.  Isn't your parents fault for who you are they are some behind the direction's you have choose go and well you now have the chance and choice to break that generational curse or you can be the start of a generational curse that is your choice again.  Because like lucifer and the legion of demons we have choices and freedoms of so to make, especially over here in the US of A, minus the U except for tax time.  They tried to start right over here and now throw a holy God into the mix when they wish to win your votes.  Goes to what you do in private a holy God is watching and letting you do it for a time and that is the real you and speaking to even me on that note again and not a automatic door.  Holy God is He and He did call us all to be holy for He is holy.  You don't do it, but you are the money maker of that product, well the same as you taking part in that sin as well.  Didn't make the rules just hopefully following them and just not typing it or saying it when I can, but walking it and breathing it and dying to this world and it's ways, but living to strive to see Him face to face again someday, oh do I hope to see your                                                               paragraph here.[image19]

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