Men let's become baby raisers just not baby maker's                                     

 Shane Allan Craig -  I had a severe wreck back in 2007 going 70 mph on the interstate and flipped my Honda Goldwing Asplencade over me 150 feet while wearing shorts, sandals, t-shirt and no helmet.  God has laid so much on my heart I believe on what to eat and drink as well what not to eat and drink.  I am in great shape now and have been blessed with many talents, as well as a beautiful son.  The way that I have to say I am doing this is drinking water, hot tea, mixed fruit drink to start my morning, staying away from pops as try this take a pop and pour it on a car battery and watch the acid eat way.  Now think of that drink going down your throat what is it doing, I would have to say before wreck was drinking a pop no name here, but think of the worse one out there and I use to be on high blood pressure medicine now how about this try putting these down and see if you feel better and do a little PT at times.  Was also drinking a gallon of milk a day right out of the hospital and that is all I was drinking or eating and lost another 16 lbs so as they say milk it does the body good and must say it did for me.  Gotta say health plans want you to eat 5 times a day and well diet drinks I have heard they are worse.  But cannot afford the gym just get out on the streets and do some jogging guess it is all free except for the shoes guess you could run bare footed.  ha-ha   I can assist you in screen printing, embroidery, vinyl, promotional products, ceramic tile and this beautiful barn wood as well.  Let us make it happen for you and let the wood u only imagine come true.  May Yahweh bless you and we are looking forward to making your dreams come true. 

With me, I am waiting till my wedding day to kiss my wife now.  Parents please speak to your kiddos about this and ask them to wait and protect their heart and let the one, be the one.  Immaculate conception only happened once and we know from experience it only leads to other things and if it happens to you and we say I do.  It might just happen with the next one that comes along and, I do, not said before a pastor or justice of the peace, but it was said before a loving God.  The Lord is most almighty because my face was on His mind the day He was hung on that cross.  Thank you Jesus for thinking of me that day when I, a man, who has made the mistakes I have made in life was thinking of me, yep sinner Shane, and yes you who are reading this.  Well this ring you see on my finger is a ring to Yahweh and a song that has been laid on my heart again.  Well praying and hoping for theone to be the one and to enjoy me taking care of that heart of hers each and everyday, because oh                               how He has taken care of mine.

Little update and feel a need to share this one as well.  You see talking to a gentleman the other day yes out doing laundry, he told me about some kind of scans being done on the head as people who come in passed away.  They have a imprint where the cell phone is being held so do some research on this as you feel and just make sure cell phones are kept away from the head try using bluetooth, wired device, or speaker phone or try this go back to the phone company home phone days and wait for that phone call.  Was actually proven in the beginning when they came out.  Was also told about a gentleman I used to do t-shirts for his business, told me of some parents giving there five year old a cell phone and they caught a pedophile calling the phone, have proof of that and lets once again parents guide and direct your kids the way the Lord showed in His word.  Live after His example.  Then there is Ephesians 2:2 so open up the book and see for yourself.  Think about cell phones, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor then also something else why did the tower of Babel start getting made it stopped and what was it that God did about it.

Ephesians 2:2 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)  2 in which you once lived following the age of this world,[a] following the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the disobedient.

Okay if you got this far time to talk to men and a little talkie to the women.  Men don't just operate the grill and the remote.  You know she has eyes in most cases and would enjoy sitting and gazing into yours and yours into hers and oh communicate with her.  She has a back that needs massaged by you, feet that need to be rubbed by you, hair that could be washed at times by you, laundry to be done with each other or you, dishes to clean with each other or you, pots and pans that need to see something cooked in them with each other or you.  Heart that needs some tender loving care and taken care of each and every moment our God is giving you the breath to do it.  House that needs picked up and the kiddos need to see you love there mommy and play around with all of them.  Now let her know you are in practice at this but do this oh the first day and into the time when you are gone from this earth.  Enjoy the company of one on one as you are not married to that person anymore when you get up there if you make it.  I have to say to me on that one, you get that one focus on that one don't let your eyes shift but focus on a awesome savior and your spouse and again those kiddos.  Don't look at my life if you remember me but look at the one who walked for around 33 years and died on that tree for all of us.  The learning I have just got to see and I believe do now, but just don't want to be a speaker but one who does, this is since my wreck.  I can lie to you but never to a loving loving loving savior and He is the one that matters and what you do, you are doing to Him.  If you have been given those hands and those feetsies use them I am sorry but I look that is what a single guy does and have lived and learned hope to be a doer just not a typer. Sadly there are married guys that do it as well, but are we going back to the fig leaf.  You know that Yahweh created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, nor Madam and Eve,  He created a perfect fit for each other and us to multiply with that one we have choose while we walk down here and also be her exercise partner and have fun Running for and to God with her.   Are there even that many guys taking care of guys now days.  I mean they wear there pants lower and lower and that came from the 1970 prison system.  With the female correction officers and the private rooms they get to have for their so called attorney meetings have their few minute relief time, sure the women in prison can just do it anytime with other prisoners and give the officers both female and male the thrills of what they want to see.  As ones wore there pants like that to show they were easy access and ready for some business.  So when I see one, I am like well there is another.  Can you just think of how Adam must have wept when he wasn't right by his wifey's side and lucifer then started all this temptation.  If we could just go back to that day. whewwwwwwww.  We could if we would slow down and us men be a helper and friend to that one we have choose and the devil be retired here in these states of America.

Who was the one, he is the one who gave Him a kiss on the cheek, while He walked down here and what was the one that started this, in charge of.  Then what did he sell Him for and He did forgive and forget and then a sin you can never ask forgiveness for if you are not on some drugs that is be able to ask forgiveness for ever.  Temple of God you are.  That should say enough right there.  

Now this was meant for men to read but they don't read much now of days.  They know how to operate the remote and the grill and all into sports of some sort can we cry again or wake up and be what God called us to be.  So women if you want to read this to your man please do and maybe they will do some waking up while they share in this wonderful world where there just isn't any mistakes being made.  Besides waking up and breathing for me that is I have to say.   Also if you don't want your toes stepped on would stay away and you probably have all the right answer's to give to a loving holy God anyway.  You believe in God but who was the worship leader???  Because so does he/it/she.


This site is down blog.com that is when I check it, so guess wasn't meant to be read what ever I wrote on this site, God knows what I wrote, oh does He read and see everything we choose to do, even when we think nobody is watching oh our holy God and King is and asking us to be holy 24.7.365.52 while you still have that choice to make it happen, just not one day out of the other 6 days that are here, but every moment of the day,  oh well, maybe it will work for you if it does copy and paste it and email me what I wrote please, updated 2.17.2018 6:58am Central standard time