Wood U Only Imagine is a company that is based on faith as much as wood. Well cousin sold his house and built a new one and claims the wood was going bad anyway , well termites do love this wood that God made them to feed their tummies, just like spiders make a web and feed on it's prey it catches, just like this world wide web(www.) is doing to you and there are moments when it does it to I as well.  I am a man, have eyes and ears that are working every day I get up and breathe here in these states of America another day, with just God by my side, that is with us all and never walks away, but let's us choose each and every moment of the day who are we going to serve.  Well for me and my house we will serve the Lord and better for me to work a job 24.7.365.52 and not be here at this house bored.  Well had a hard time finding the old wood 4.14.2018 still in a condition to use and was that questionable to build a 67 inch by 101 1/4 fence with some sheet metal removed from one of these barns years ago, beside my garage, but it is there and upright for now.  So could still make you a maybe a very little something if you can only imagine it, really in the firewood stack.  Well bigger story and was a dream and the dream is getting bigger now because oh is there a story to tell that many would not like to hear or read.  If you wish to look at some more photos you can go to www.wooduonlyimagine.com it just isn't setup for cell phones, but your not wanting to read it just see what this 100 year old barnwood could be made for you and has already been made into a few things for me.  Well wrong well wrong, well right well many that will still hear depart from me for I never knew you on that day when you stand at the lamb's book of life,  Matthew 7:13-23, which the finger I point at you, well three are pointing back at me, love proceeds from my heart and typed to you with my fingers, make a difference today while you still have the heart,make a change in your life today, which you might just show one to stay on track to His holy narrow ways this very day, make a difference in this world, you are being watched by many, maybe just one, being your Creator and what comes from your mouth, or like the devil watches to see the actions that we make?


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